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Our Other Furry Kids

This is Bingo, our 16 y/o sheltie-pom mix, we got him from a breeder out of Lexington, NC in 1997 when he was six weeks old. Bingo is my oldest daughter's dog, she's 20 now, and I got him for her when she was only 4.  Bingo is not registered and was neutered at 6 months old. 

RIP Bingo 6-10-97 - 8-23-13


This is our spoiled rotten Toy poodle, Teddy, born January 2009.  Teddy came to us from a breeder in Rutherford, NC.   Teddy is UKC registered and is neutered. 


This is Sophie our female Pekingese, born September 2007.  Sophie is a sweet little gal that came to us from a local family that could no longer keep her. Sophie loves belly rubs and will do a little dance for her treats.   Sophie has some social issues and behavioral problems, but we still love her.  Sophie is CKC registered and is spayed. 


Three of our four cats:  Oreo, Kiwi, and Smokey.  Onxy not pictured.  (working on that)

This is Maya, she is our super-hyper Pomeranian.   Maya was a gift from my niece and was born in May 2013.  Maya is not registered and was spayed when she was a puppy.  

This is Mocha, our lab-newfie (??) rescued girl.  Mocha was given away at the flea market when she was 3 or 4 weeks old.  She has grown from a tiny puppy into a huge bear cub.  Mocha was born in August 2014 and was spayed when she was a puppy.