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Extended Furry Family
Pets that have been adopted


This is Milo, he was my first sheltie in 2006. He graduated first in his class from obedience school and he knows several tricks. Milo and Gita had two litters together, and Milo also fathered a litter with Kayla (pictured below), who has also been spayed and adopted. Milo had become increasingly aggressive with the other dogs, causing injuries to Kobe, Gita, and Ruby, so I had him neutered to see if that would help. When that didn't help, I made the heartbreaking decision to place Milo in a home where he would be the only dog. I adopted him to a wonderful retired lady in Greensboro, NC, who keeps in touch with us and sends us pics of Milo and we are welcome to visit him anytime we want. I was sad to see him go, but I know he is happier where he is getting all the attention all the time.

This is Milo and Gita with Santa Claus Christmas 2007. 

This is Kayla, she is a beautiful color headed white I adopted out of a breeder in Claudesville, Virginia when she was six months old. Kayla had one litter with Milo (puppies from litter #3, Feb 26, 08) and was then spayed and adopted to a wonderful family in Charlotte, NC after their first sheltie disappeared from a rest stop. Several weeks later, their first sheltie was found, so Kayla had a permanent playmate

This is Abby. Abby is a sable-merle petite little girl I adopted from a breeder in Illinois when she was five months old. When Abby first arrived, she was very very shy. After months of trying to help her overcome her shyness, I realized Abby needed a home where she would receive more one on one time, so she was spayed and I gave her to my best friend, who lives 2 miles away. We continue to see Abby on a regular basis, she has blossomed and come completely out of her shell, and she recently won the '10 barks in 10 seconds' contest on 107.5 and her owners were rewarded with movie tickets.

Abby being so shy and timid and nervous are NOT normal traits in shelties, and was probably a result of being abused or neglected as a very young puppy, not being well socialized, and parents with 'issues' as well.  I would be willing to bet money that Abby left her mom and littermates at 4-5 weeks old.  This is why it is so very important the puppies stay with mom and littermates until 8 weeks so they can learn social skills, bite inhibition, etc.

This is Harmony, although she wasn't with us very long, I loved her from the first time I saw her. I first met Harmony in Sept 2007 when I was at the animal shelter to pick up another rescue. She was there to be euthanized b/c she had a seizure. Her owner had recently adopted her from a 'breeder' in North Carolina, and when he notified the 'breeder' of the seizures, he was told to have her euthanized. He was also told if he brought her back to the 'breeder', she would be 'put out of her misery'. He agreed to let me take Harmony and find her a new home.  After a trip to the vet,  Harmony was diagnosed with epilepsy, a thyroid disorder and placed on medication, and she was as good as new . She was later adopted to a loving family in Charlotte, NC. 

Harmony's situation is one of the reasons I have a lifetime return policy (see Adoption Info page).

Buttercup has been retired and was adopted by the Weadon Family of Raleigh NC.  This was a very difficult decision for our family, but it was the right choice for Buttercup.   We will miss Buttercup but look forward to visiting her in the future!! 

Lucy has been retired, spayed, and adopted by the Patterson Family of Reidsville, NC!   Lucy gave us two beautiful litters of Peekapoos (with Teddy), and she was a great mom.   She was just a little bit too bossy with our other dogs and bullied them relentlessly.  Now she is a spoiled princess as the only dog in her new home.   We look forward to visiting Lucy in the future.