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Tyffani's Dogs

These dogs belong to my friend Tyffani Knott.  Tyffani lives in Martinsville, VA, and we co-own Rascal.  Tyffani has several Shelties (CKC and/or AKC registered) and will occasionally have a litter available (which will be listed on the "Available Puppies" page).   Feel free to email Tyffani at tyffanik@outlook.com, or call/text her at 276-340-9617.   (Please note:  Both Tyffani and I work and we have small children, we cannot always answer phone calls during the day.  Email or text is much faster. ) 


Zoomi, blue merle, AKC registered, daughter of Kobe and Coco (pictured on the "Our Shelties" page)


Bella, sable/white female, CKC registered, daughter of Trixie and Rascal (pictured below)


Max, bi-black male, CKC registered 


Rascal, bi-factored sable/white male, AKC/CKC registered, co-owned 


Trixie, sable/white female, CKC registered, Mom to Bella, spayed/retired.  


Rarity, sable-merle female, AKC registered, daughter of Kobe and Shiloh (see "Our Shelties" page).  Rarity is spayed.   


Buddy, Cocker/Sheltie mix, extremely adorable and neutered.  :-)